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29 comments posted
Background Pony #0D06
>Person is more successful than you
> Call them a Paedophile for "lolz"

God bless 4chan
Background Pony #A6D4
@Packer dash 52
talks down the folks who work hard on the show

Evidence of said condescension or insults?

Also, you do know that "shady stuff" was made up by /mlp/ out of whole cloth for the lulz, right?

@Background Pony
and michelle creber would be ok whit that because….?
i also think its very unlikely that creber-mom would be so careless as to let that happen.

come on man, unless you have a real theory you gotta admit this all sounds like complete bullcrap.
Background Pony #B0A9
and shady stuff? you mean the mandopedo rumor?
It's not… it's not a rumor. It's totally made up libel by /mlp/ just to attack him over actually being successful.

well, it is one hell of a burn, so wanting revenge is understandable, i would.
and i know jackshit about the dude, i take it he's an asshat?
and just in case, i found that pic while googling the proper wording of "that’s one sick burn!" didnt consider there would be some drama-context atached to it.

you though i was talking bad about mando? if thats the case, no i wasnt, i didnt mentioned it here but i do like his music!

haha that is a good one too! gotta remenber it!

@Packer dash 52
pics or else…
no, seriously, is there any proof of him being a jackass? i dont know the dude so feel free to enlighte me.

and shady stuff? you mean the mandopedo rumor?
Packer dash 52
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

the main reason i hate him is because not only is he a huge drama queen but talks down the folks who work hard on the show likes he gods gift to man or mlp in this case. i won't even bother with the shady stuff
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

…Given my current life, if I ever got a message like that from him for any reason under any context, I would do everything I could to dedicate a massive effort to engineer that classist little comment of his to completely break his reputation. What a snot. And I have just as much contempt for all those sheeple cheering him on.

Say what you will, but Mandopony has substantial talent and work backing him, instead of just sitting on a pile of money.

> half a billion dollars
> still using that inexcusably artifact-laced low-resolution avatar