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source needed15054 safe1727605 artist:buckweiser185 bon bon16557 caramel2528 derpy hooves50477 dj pon-329475 doctor whooves10830 lyra heartstrings29864 octavia melody23999 roseluck5145 spitfire13594 sweetie drops16556 time turner10827 trixie68118 vinyl scratch29476 earth pony256810 pegasus300203 pony987830 unicorn332569 ar15280 arctic warfare18 assault rifle876 bipedal35370 cutie mark48476 female1381873 flying38776 g3636 g3a43 gun16158 h&k g329 hat88395 heckler and koch43 helmet10986 hk4174 hooves18058 horn70868 m24942 m8706 machine gun501 mare491255 military uniform1189 mp5sd10 optical sight953 rifle3773 saddle bag5936 shotgun1503 simple background401303 smiling254426 sniper rifle1014 spread wings55770 standing12530 submachinegun347 sunglasses14740 teeth10139 text60528 weapon30944 white background100324 wings111486


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

It won't be okay
@Great And Powerful Trixie
The horrific outcome is the enemy laughing at them for bringing useless things to a battle. And then, whoever sold the guns to them might have a no refund policy. "You should'a known better," he'll say, embarrassing everyone.