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safe1680749 artist:tigersiil3 queen chrysalis34333 changeling46184 changeling queen15702 nymph707 baby10287 bow27838 crown16284 crying42727 cute195951 cutealis2133 diaper13215 female1339972 filly65021 filly queen chrysalis156 foal15303 hair bow15105 jewelry61196 pigtails4649 regalia19131 sad24184 sadorable857 solo1046465 tail bow5443 younger17076


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Princess Celestia: "I know someplace where you can get lots of love." presents her Sunbutt to the nymph "Slip in smoothly for your new mommy." presses down on Chryssi as she slips into Celestias birth canal before entering the womb "Aaaahh… you're perfect inside of me, baby." Chryssi smiles happily as she feels the purest source of love she ever felt infuse her entire being, Celestia truly loved her "You will be nice and full when I let you back out once we get home…" tapes a poofy sun-emblazoned diaper around her rump as she rubbed her pregnant belly "…if I let you out."