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safe1707591 artist:sorcerushorserus477 baby ribbs40 brolly96 derpy hooves50179 firefly1700 fluttershy212790 rainbow dash234070 surprise2955 whitewash96 oc685395 bird8271 pegasus292261 pony968741 comic:dash academy146 g114570 american football648 argie ribbs35 autumn1617 bag4712 beard3637 bipedal34616 board game383 book33505 bowl1631 box4629 bubble5262 butt59031 calculator81 cap4569 card2777 celebration255 clock1905 clothes460069 cloud30750 cloudy6099 comic109159 couch8266 crosscut saw144 curtain561 curtains1947 female1364204 flying38191 forest10184 frozen326 g1 to g43746 game3695 generation leap5671 happy31256 hat86946 hiding1433 hind legs414 homework104 ice1225 ice pack123 ice skating402 karaoke143 lake1540 leaf1038 leaves1937 male373136 mare481225 math824 microphone5049 moustache2908 nose blowing121 paper3219 paper bag879 pencil3656 pizza1930 playing1485 plot79082 pond867 popcorn1528 river1962 saw332 scarf23268 shampoo305 shower3434 showers29 sick1731 singing6363 skates184 skating202 smiling248818 snow13791 snow angel65 snowfall4464 soap711 stallion109015 stick688 thermometer473 tissue576 tissue box249 tree32270 trophy736 water13279 we are the champions5 winter4460 you tried185


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Background Pony #EDAA
this really went downhill for dash and firefly. they went from losing a karaoke contest, to arguing over math work, to having some skating dating ruined by derpy, to having colds.
Background Pony #2307
LOL Derpy playing with actual cards on a board game. I'm waiting for her to ask "Got any 9's?"
Background Pony #0CF4
Fluttershy has a trophy with a microphone on it. Best Singer Performance I believe?
Spiritus Arcane
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well, judging from the length of time here, looks like the teen pregnancy theories around Derpy are incorrect. …Unless it just takes a long time for pony pregnancies to become visable, which I suppose might be possible.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Ha, look at Derpy's hand of cards, if it was the other game, she'd be winning.

Hope that the Derpy-being-pregnant-or-not storyline produces something sooner or later.
Background Pony #418A
@Background Pony
That's not very interesting.

Besides, it would make no sense to taunt her with something they all knew very well not to be true.

This story's going up so it can come crashing down again. Like a rollercoaster.
Background Pony #F9D9
I really hope the "Rainbow drops school" is really just a rumor that the bullies came up with.
Background Pony #418A
I only just realized that Fluttershy has gone from her filly flashback hairstyle to her "current" one, more or less.

personally I think your mistaking the length of time in the story. If you look it goes from fall to winter, witch makes sense because most sports seasons are between 3 to 4 Months. Add to the fact that most Fannon Puts pony Gestation the same as Earth horses (11 Months) And the Fact that she's not showing yet makes more sens.
Background Pony #CE38
an Accident on the field was what caused Bright eyes vision to become off center.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

The question is now, if they were so happy together, then what happened?
I mean if this is supposed to be a prequel to the show canon, then there has to be something that separates them.
I can see sad times coming..