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safe1658571 artist:brianblackberry349 twilight sparkle294154 pony922745 unicorn303932 adorkable3454 book32456 cake9515 candle4561 chef's hat667 clothes442309 cooking1048 cute192542 dork3720 female1321541 food67202 hat83197 hnnng2370 looking at you160110 magic70867 mare458296 messy2150 sitting60312 smiling235176 socks63772 solo1033188 striped socks20808 telekinesis26672 twiabetes11302 unicorn twilight16022 you tried185


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Background Pony #B27F
I appreciate the thought, Twilight, but right now, we've gotta get you cleaned up. Then we'll bake one together, alright? =)

This image! One of reasons why I ship her with Spike, as she would either starve or poison herself (or somepony else) if he moves out with another mare! xD
Background Pony #AD42
Omg she is soooo cute :3
I love all ur pics <3 ur amazing please make more
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)

OK, so now it's got 6 different 'adorable' tags, even though 'Twilight Sparkle' alone should be enough to imply that. But it's nice that she deserves 6 extra tags to emphasize it.