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suggestive165184 artist:longinius873 pinkie pie233059 earth pony330493 pony1247367 series:rarity's secret113 balloon11318 bow35058 clopfic in the comments1040 clothed ponies319 clothes533371 dock58501 female1536737 looking back69354 panties55514 party cannon1882 plot103903 raised tail19312 ribbon7951 riding8122 smiling309356 solo1210986 solo female199479 underwear67981


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Pinkie Pie giggles as she straddled her party cannon, a few streamers still hanging out of its very edge. She half closed her eyes with a smug little grin as she looks back at you and crosses her forehooves over the cannon. “Oh, you!” she chuckled “Want to get this party started?” she suggests, her tail lifting slowly, the baloon attached to it helping it up a bit, as she wriggles her rump. You can do nothing but stare at the soft roundness in front of you, your jaw slowly dropping and not until you can feel a drop of drool running down your chin you regain your consciousness and just nod wide eyed; this is too good to be true, after all. Your hands reach out and stop right before landing on her, close enough for your shivering hands to feel the heat of her body, but you look to her for confirmation. She’s smiling, biting her lower lip in anticipation and that’s all the confirmation you needed. Your hands press against the softness and it presses up to meet your touch as Pinkie sighs heavily in satisfaction and presses your ass onto your hands as much as you’re digging your hands into her. She’s so warm and you feel the heat rising through your hands up through your arms. So soft as her flesh seems to melt under the pressure and her coat silky smooth as your hands run in circles over her ass. You let out a satisfied whimper and as if in a dream you get down on your knees as press your face in between her cheeks and your hear a surprised gasp from the mare as her warmth rushes over your face through her panties and you let out a heavy, damp sigh onto her marehood and you feel her body tremble around your face. Your hands clutches around her flanks, pressing her ass harder onto your face as you take a deep breath. It tastes so fresh and sweet and damp, reminding you almost of sweet baked goods, but there’s something else there. A weak but sharp musky scent enters your nostrils as your press your nose against her and run it up and down several times as you moan and you feel a moist little spot against your nose.