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Episode 8: Milky Way
explicit333335 artist:hazama115 artist:livesmutanon667 octavia melody23202 oc642336 oc:anon11317 oc:milky way2094 human148569 comic:based anon337 equestria girls190967 /mlp/9293 4chan6656 4chan screencap2591 armpits42103 blushing186303 boob freckles974 breasts260519 clothes435175 comic104649 compilation537 crying41539 female1304238 femsub10098 freckles26799 happy sex1993 heart45441 human penis11024 humanized97336 humanized oc2286 impregnation2763 kissing23438 lactation5568 leaking1738 male350766 master534 milk4217 milk squirt1059 nipples155445 nudity350508 panties48143 panties around leg915 penetration53752 penis144727 sex113739 shipping191433 straight129890 submissive15407 suckling2479 teasing3542 tip tease265 underwear58093 vagina47262 vaginal36902 vulva120118


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Magical world where ponies often have talents with barely any explanation as to why. She produces milk from teats of ridiculous size for her kind.
Logic has no place here.

Logically, if she wants to produce milk, she'd have to have already been impregnated recently… or at least once. It's rare for females to produce much milk without having been pregnant.