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@C Money

If you're that interested check his comments list in his profile, still there. Only three comments at the moment, it looks to be a very recently created troll account and a bad one at that considering the poor grammar and spelling.

I'm betting he'll either get bored and never come back or do something to get banned within the next week or two.
Background Pony #D243
Can confirm. If it's cold out and especially if wet while cold out, all mammals can get hypothermia.
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
What, is it raining viruses or something?

Also, although the concept that getting caught in the rain will give you a cold has been soundly disproven, be cold and drenched CAN weaken your immune response and lead to you coming down with a bad cold/flu/pneumonia/etc.
C Money
Duck - bundle of quacks

Well, mabye she let her heart fall and someone rose up and claimed it. It could've been dark and she was over, until someone kissed her lips and saved her. Maybe her hooves were strong, but her knees were far to weak to stand in his arms without falling to his feet. But there could've been a side to him that she never knew, and all the things he said were never true, and the games he played he always win.
But She Set Fire To The Rain,
Watched It Pour As She Touched His Face,
Well, It Burned when She Cried
'Cause She Heard It Screaming Out His Name, His Name!