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safe1636587 artist:konobi1 applejack164318 fluttershy205347 pinkie pie209631 rainbow dash226271 rarity175695 twilight sparkle291348 cookie jar333 filly62714 filly applejack488 filly fluttershy645 filly pinkie pie363 filly rainbow dash1196 filly rarity358 filly twilight sparkle2603 kitchen1714 mane six30797 pile477 pony pile707 refrigerator501 teamwork75 tower of pony204


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Thread Starter - The Time Wasting Thread 2.1

It was pinkie's idea so she gets to be top
Rarity wanted to be top but was trumped by pinkie
Everyone knew fluttershy couldn't hold anyone up so they just put her wherever
Applejack's picking up the slack for fluttershy
Rainbow dash is showing off how strong she is
And twilight just woke up and has no idea what's going on