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Like I said, fine art. OUT OF MY LITTLE PONY.

And Warhol-esque derivations from said fine art. :3

I actually had an incident similar to this in Skyrim. I was doing a theft job for the Guild when dragon out of fucking nowhere.
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Best moment in Skyrim: embarrassing Haelga with her marks, then marrying Svana.

And then marrying Haelga, then Nivenor, then sylgja, the camilla, then ysolda, then Saffi, then Saadia, then Lynly, then Brelyna, then Hroki, then Muiri and… I think that's where I gave it a rest.
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My favoritest ever encounter with dragon(s) was during the siege of Windhelm. A fight for imperial supremacy became a fight for survival as two ancient dragons decided to fight over their turf. Tullius, Rikke and myself were all that survived.
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[screams in German]
The most epic battle I had against a dragon was a Legendary Dragon (forgot what level I was) and I fought against him alone.
All I had was Dragon Scale Armor, a sword I crafted (and enchanted) myself and a bow (which I crafted and enchanted myself).
I didn't even used Dragon Rend (only Marked for Death, Storm Call, Whirlwind Sprint and Fire Breath).
That dragon crashed after I shot some arrows and he crashed at a Word Wall.
I killed it with that kill scene (jumping on back thing).
I think I fought it somewhere on a mountain. I can't remember.
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I remember one incident where a Legendary Dragon showed up in Windhelm when I was talking to the Ebony Warrior, so without missing a beat I (being level 80 at that point) used Dragon Rend on him to bring him down, and got a kill animation of me mounting his head and dual-wield impaling his skull before jumping off. BOSS. Best part was, the Ebony Warrior didn't say a word, just acted like it was another day at the office. :D