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Tag Changes for image #342131

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pony (723813)Added Pink Amena
unicorn (215361)Added Pink Amena
tissue (495)Added MaggieXawesomeness
artist:ghost (282)Added Waveband
artist:apples (0)Removed Waveband
artist:apples (0)Added Jegus
artist:ghost (282)Removed Jegus
solo (894273)Added Defender of 5
blushing (158085)Added Defender of 5
artist:ghost (282)Added Takanuva
artist:apples (0)Removed Takanuva
simple background (299105)Added angellove
thermometer (379)Added angellove
blanket (4130)Added angellove
cute (153965)Added angellove
sick (1525)Added angellove