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(Update: A little bit of value separation on Dashie)
safe1658827 artist:huussii150 apple bloom48396 applejack165930 rainbow dash228456 rarity177551 scootaloo50448 sweetie belle48133 earth pony231532 pegasus273378 pony922948 unicorn304042 sleepless in ponyville1229 campfire1011 couch7813 cutie mark crusaders18698 detailed752 featured image846 female1321739 filly63982 flying36782 forest9735 frown22255 glasses59294 hat83208 mare458391 night25229 open mouth137355 scared10089 scene interpretation8312 scenery7786 scenery porn808 sitting60325 sky13248 smiling235877 spread wings52042 stars14896 tent889 wallpaper18358 wide eyes16647


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And yeah, this is epic, and well done.

This is the persons art style. This is a detailed painting in this persons art style I'm guessing. It's a nice style and isn't photo realistic.

I like this and yes it isn't as detailed as a photo realistic painting because it isn't meant to be (probably)

You probably meant this too though. :)


I guess my interpretation of "detail" is a bit different. When I say detail, I mean that something is painted to be like the thing it is, the brushwork is more precise and invisible, and there's more attention and time dedicated to single things.

Here most of the things are merely illusions of detail. Just an impression. If you take a closer look at the trees for example, they're built from very loose and blocky strokes/taps/blobs with a single brush. They look more detailed than they actually are when you're not directly analyzing them. The focal point is the place I try to add up more detail, because that's the spot which people spent most of the time looking at.