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My Little Pony: The Storm of Zephyr Heights #1
Cover A by Juni Ba
#Cover B by Andy Price >>3387415
The story begins in #1 and continues in two epic, oversized issues! A must-read for Friendship Is Magic fans as the world of Generation Four collides with the ponies of Generation Five.
A storm’s a-brewing in Zephyr Heights! For the first time in forever, Queen Haven is taking a vacation, which means Princess Zipp is in charge! And while the queen is away, the Mane Six will play. But the forecast for the substitute queen’s reign is not looking good…
A mass of clouds the size of a city is wreaking havoc on Zephyr Heights… It’s hailing, it’s snowing, it’s raining, it’s blowing wind, and all the Pegasi are in danger! The Mane Six quickly jump into action, but it’s up to Zipp to save her kingdom. Her bravery may just lead to the discovery of a lifetime…and bridge the world between the past and present.

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There’s no way the Mane Six can still be alive. ’Tis a lie. The only ones alive during the G5 era would be Discord and Spike. Just those two. The G4 universe was destroyed at this point, meaning everyone else is dead.
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Background Pony #3FEC
Hope it’s faithful to both gens and doesn’t indirectly cause another outcry from fans.
Inb4 the Mane 6 learn that all their accomplishments turned into shit in the end.
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Background Pony #EB5F
Gonna be like that old show where a modern (1980) aircraft carrier goes back to Pearl Harbor and achieves precisely nothing.
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Background Pony #9EDB
Yeah we don’t know how it will be implemented just that it will involve G4 they’re touting it as a crossover.
My theory is either it’s just more flashback stuff or something that was left behind from events of G4 is causing the storm, hell maybe it’s the Storm King again. It’s been established if you reunite all the parts of a broken petrified individual you can still restore them to normal. Lol well that last one’s probably going a little far I highly doubt it but it’s part of the fun of the possibilities from the idea of the storm being the big threat xD
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