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safe2211173 artist:ruto_me49 princess celestia114498 princess luna118913 spike93372 alicorn322804 cat9153 dragon87873 pony1641477 g42065907 belly47564 belly fluff688 blame my sister80 butterfly net118 cheek bulge635 chest fluff68294 clothes650974 controller3288 cute271300 cutelestia4348 ear fluff53307 eating13936 fan1210 female1845257 floppy ears75019 food103969 frog (hoof)20670 hat127868 herbivore2928 hoofbutt1903 human shoulders2123 ice cream6811 japanese10210 levitation16564 lunabetes4483 lying down50299 magic98721 magic aura9488 male565143 mare767991 on back35301 ponytail28413 popsicle1549 round belly754 royal sisters7081 shaved ice23 shirt42384 siblings23341 sisters19011 sitting95520 spikabetes3036 spoon1942 super mario bros.5171 sweat42051 sweatdrop7107 sweatdrops2202 sweating profusely629 t-shirt7436 telekinesis39975 television3468 trio28352 underhoof70713 watermelon1006 wind chime20


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