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safe1598283 artist:king-kakapo1110 applejack161097 fluttershy201172 pinkie pie205750 rainbow dash222242 rarity172258 spike75010 twilight sparkle285816 earth pony210104 pegasus251408 pony867689 unicorn278156 applejack is not amused590 bedroom eyes53808 computer5716 crying40520 dialogue60089 female1271286 frown21656 funny3845 gasp884 glare8011 glasses55766 grin33889 grumpy2356 humie448 imac43 internet280 laptop computer2093 leaving the fandom42 looking at you149412 mane seven6061 mane six30082 mare431734 my little human94 my little human drama2 open mouth127162 shocked6071 smiling220685 smirk11316 sparkles3936 struggle with technology30 trolling439 twilight is not amused1285 u mad170 unamused14323 wide eyes16205 wikipedia97


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Applejack has the most efficient computer there.

No, I'm serious. They may take up a lot more space, but they last so much longer and still show just as much stuff, WITHOUT it distorting at an angle.
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@Background Pony

Pinkie Pie: May be interpreted as a highly emotional or disgruntled fan.
Rainbow Dash: May be interpreted as a blindly devoted fan or a troll fanning the flames.

This picture is merely a refinement of the last 30 minute challenge I did. Naturally, being originally conceptualized in 30-45 minutes, there wasn't much time to think this through, and little room to adapt it properly after that because there were only two representing ponies. But they manage to strike a fair balance parodying the drama in the barest sense.

Trying to sum up most of the current sentiments of the fandom in detail would require an entirely new comic and a little more thought.