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Finally AJ and King Trafalgar Maximilian Augustus Leopold the III brought their date to a close in my Equestria dreamscape. The euphoria AJ had experienced from the shots of Ladon Farms Special Reserve Applejack had worn off, but in its place AJ was now in a very mellow, happy mood.
For his part the king thought the evening overall been enjoyable and successful. Bombay Bombastic had come through and delivered a critical component

the king’s needed for his ongoing project, and Trafalgar had to admit that he’d enjoyed watching Applejack dance up on the bar.
Yep the evening had been a success…Then the king got the check.
Trafalgar knew that Ladon Farms Special Reserve Applejack was a rare, difficult to obtain, and highly desired commodity, and he knew there was more demand than supply could, or would, provide.
But after squaring the bill his majesty felt like his treasury had taken a hit from this night out. He’d considered having a word with AJ about it, but then she hugged him on the way out and all of the sudden it seemed like a trivial thing. He could always get more treasure.
His next concern was getting AJ safely back to her own dream fabric. He could sense that AJ’s mind was wide open and in a very stream of consciousness mode. His worry was that during the transition from this dream shard back to her dream fabric she’d get distracted by something shiny and suddenly head off to who knew where.
So Trafalgar made absolutely certain he had her undivided attention before he attempted the shift, and was very happy that arrived with AJ. Although he was surprised that she’d reverted back to her pony form. Except now she only came up to his armpit. Which only made her even more adorable. Also she was obviously starting to fade and would soon descend beneath REM sleep.
With a big smile on her face she looked up that king as they slowly walked up to pony’s dream fabric farmhouse. “Ya know. I wanna thank ya fer really nice date tanight. Yawn! Ya know how ta show a pony a good time!”
She punctuated her appreciation by nuzzling against the side of the king’s chest as they reached the front porch of the house. For his part the king reached under AJ’s Stetson and scritched her behind her right ear. For his efforts the mare nickered softy as she closed her eyes and nuzzled him some more.
He smiled and took a deep breath. “It is the least I can do for a maiden as glorious as you my dear. Now I must take my leave. Shall we arrange to get together next week? Same time?”
AJ came around stood in front of the king looking up at him smiled. “Lets! Now I reckon tanight cost ya a whole heap of bits!” She held up a front hoof when the king tried to speak up. “Trafalgar. I may be tipsy but I ain’t deaf. Rex told me that stuff was pricey. So here’s what I wanna do when we git tagether again. Next time I’ll do the cooking! I’ll whip up some grub worthy of a king! So what do ya say ta that?”
The king smiled. “I look forward to partaking of you cuisine. Well good night and–”
Before he was able to finish the sentence Applejack reared up, wrapped her front legs around the king and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Then she looked him in the eyes and giggled. “See ya next week then.” Then she turned and happily trotted into the house.
The king watched her leave. Then he smiled and disappeared. As soon as AJ had closed the front door she whinnied with glee and did a happy little hoof stomping dance. Then she raced up the stairs to her bedroom and leaped on her bed. Tossing her hat onto her vanity she grabbed one of her pillows and hugged it tight. Tonight had been a good night.
To be continued.

safe2211964 artist:baron engel2758 applejack203534 oc967396 oc:king trafalgar maximilian augustus leopold iii22 earth pony521125 mouse1742 pony1642132 anthro368968 g42066501 anthro with ponies3675 butt238782 canon x oc35839 duo185259 female1846163 kissing33340 male565477 mare768450 monochrome177262 muscles19805 pencil drawing11631 plot149036 simple background616537 story included13430 straight183256 surprise kiss1198 traditional art145534 white background168908


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