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Part 4 >>3389276
Part 3 >>3374168
Part 1 >>3362773

suggestive193317 artist:lupin quill1418 fluttershy262468 rarity220432 pegasus512131 pony1638764 unicorn554908 series:butter and cream (weight gain)5 g42063395 bedroom eyes84164 belly46946 big belly20366 blushing281526 butt238009 butt bump926 chubby cheeks5635 dock73648 double chin2737 duo183420 duo female35340 fat29447 fat fetish3352 fattershy1470 feedee923 female1841843 fetish58601 flutterbutt8571 horn209961 large butt35135 looking at you267583 morbidly obese10662 obese15710 open mouth245216 plot148604 presenting35763 raritubby1437 rearity7586 tail109698 the ass was fat21506 weight gain sequence1742


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This is your best new WG sequences yet! Also Rarity takes the cake, displays her “cake”, eats the cake, and is thicker and fatter than any cake than Pinkie Pie could ever make. That double chin and really puffy cheeks is AWESOME! And fluttershy’s are pretty cute too. And both of their asses are HOT!