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safe2196996 artist:doublewbrothers710 apple bloom60540 limestone pie6282 marble pie8402 maud pie15096 pinkie pie258294 scootaloo59206 spike93010 sweetie belle57193 oc959685 oc:f. bomb17 oc:generic messy hair anime anon465 cockatrice605 dragon86998 earth pony514488 human250173 pegasus507156 pony1627438 unicorn549335 g42052898 angry37046 animated127481 barking198 behaving like a dog1733 bellyrubs1363 brofist63 clapping827 cowering385 cute269051 cutealoo3982 cutie mark crusaders22586 diasweetes3779 gigachad spike1305 head pat605 horn203345 hug38141 hugging a pony389 nuzzling5108 older40986 older spike9264 onomatopoeia8504 pat640 petrification1252 potion3028 pronking1257 raspberry1368 raspberry noise392 scootaloo can't fly564 scootie belle130 shivering2653 sound17335 spikabetes2912 squeaky belle27 tail106635 tail wag1555 taunting350 tongue out149639 webm26449 wholesome1488


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Sata Andagi!
Him turning himself into stone to attract Maud over was brilliant, and then to have him remain that way moving over to Apple Bloom was funny.
Background Pony #F9A9
So where are the CMC’s cutie marks? By the time Pinkie’s family was introduced (aside from Maud), the CMC already had their marks.
I can sorta get Spike’s wings as they show up pretty late in the show.