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The 7th part of the series drawn for Elsaack, Celestia’s sun but is going to cause a solar eclipse at this rate, all the while her marshmallow lover grows fatter wider and more pampered,if thats possible for rarity?!

suggestive192790 artist:magicghostslime32 princess celestia113886 rarity219744 alicorn320092 pony1631024 unicorn551102 series:rarity journey to opulence7 g42056594 belly46123 belly on floor606 big belly20225 blushing279768 butt236418 chubby cheeks5609 chubbylestia1188 dialogue95685 fat29339 female1832438 hoof on belly599 horn205359 huge belly8777 jewelry116476 lesbian119181 morbidly obese10624 near immobile477 neck roll1869 obese15638 raritubby1431 regalia37481 ship:rarilestia161 shipping257887 signature45762 story included13281 stuffed2298 sunbutt6092 text91520 the ass was fat21406 thighs29111 thunder thighs16891 weight gain5756 weight gain sequence1736


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