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A quick announcement from Rupert: 🚩🚩🚩
I’m back from my short trip. While that was fun-ish, I did say my work never takes a vacation. Also, I lost some money, so I gotta replenish my funds, somehow. As usual, any and all help, how little or big, is greatly appreciated.

Milestone #9 Tallies:
GOLD - 2625 lbs.
WHITE - 2505 lbs.
BLUE - 1125 lbs.

Friendship Notes: SO! I, your headmare, come back after a short break to the mare’s room, and what do I see…? Little to no progress. I am a little embarrassed, especially for Teams White AND Blue. Whatever it was you had going on, it’s just not working, from the looks of it. Rainbow. Spike. I like that you’re both comfy in there, but no time for napping. Get to MORE feeding and resourcing. We need to turn this building upside down! And Smolder…? No matter of rump-pushing is gonna help you and your blue buddy catch up with Gabby and Gilda.

Huh? What do you mean it helps…?
Rupert here: you heard her, guys! If this pace keeps up, we can forget about bringing Glimmer or Twilight up into this fray. Unless…!
Sorry if that sounded crass. I’d REALLY love to see wither or both of them joining our inflated catbirbs….
3 TEAMS at play: GOLD(Gilda) - WHITE(Gabby) - BLUE(Gallus)
Donate to my Ko-Fi here:
OR, to my PayPal(dot)me here:
1 LIKE = 5lbs+
1 RT/Repost = 10lbs+
$3 = 15lbs+
$15 = 100lbs+
2nd Place Team = bloat 30 lbs for every $3 , 100 lbs for every $12
3rd Place Team = bloat 45 lbs for every $3 , 100 lbs for every $9
(be sure to include the team name that you want BLORP’d as you donate or like)

$1000usd collective = Starlight Glimmer joins the party.
$2000usd collective = Twilight Sparkle joins the party.

suggestive192497 artist:rupert380 gabby3217 gallus9172 gilda11459 rainbow dash282804 smolder11457 spike93010 dragon86998 griffon37224 pegasus507156 pony1627438 series:catbird 3's colossal squish program19 g42052898 "flab"y75 belly45861 belly sandwich13 belly squish80 big belly20146 blob2760 blushing278986 burp2928 butt235739 butt squish280 butt touch8266 comic136809 dialogue95445 emanata3225 eyes closed141080 fat29283 fat fetish3310 fat tail214 female1828286 fetish58076 flabbus74 gabbooty122 gallass201 gildough260 grunting86 hand on butt4374 happy45264 heart78482 huge belly8733 huge butt16968 hyper16094 hyper obese359 immobile4174 impossibly large belly14952 impossibly large butt10496 impossibly large everything1401 impossibly obese1490 incentive drive491 large butt34581 lidded eyes49332 lip bite15559 looking back88278 looking up24515 male559197 milestone1060 moaning9622 morbidly obese10609 obese15609 offscreen character53375 one eye closed46588 onomatopoeia8504 pale belly3318 plot147144 puffy cheeks5212 question mark6899 rolls of fat2882 smiling405596 squished383 squishy3617 squishy butt121 tail106635 weight gain5741 weight gain sequence1729 wiggle509


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