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Misty, the Kernel Queen
Popcorn for the popcorn queen!

safe2196998 artist:ahobobo304 izzy moonbow22219 misty brightdawn9016 pony1627438 unicorn549334 semi-anthro22986 g578198 my little pony: tell your tale26249 belly45861 belly button112785 big belly20146 bracelet16099 dialogue95444 duo178419 duo female33642 eating13752 fat29283 feeding1681 female1828283 fetish58076 food102964 friendship bracelet931 hoof hold13282 horn203342 jewelry116053 mare757651 misty butterball14 open mouth242510 open smile33270 pale belly3318 partially submerged740 popcorn2030 rebirth misty4204 round belly697 smiling405599 solo focus30163 speech bubble40837 stuffed belly991 stuffing1780 tail106634 that pony sure does love popcorn44 thighs28990 thunder thighs16812 unshorn fetlocks48578


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Badge Dragon
(OP here) This upload is a higher quality/resolution, taken from their Furaffinity as opposed to Deviantart.
I don’t process dupes towards my own uploads cause conflict of interest, but you can see the comparison here.