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A g5 artwork I found on Pinterest, the artist is unknown.
Update: ty unknown user

safe2197144 artist:andromed3_bunny2 hitch trailblazer14244 izzy moonbow22221 misty brightdawn9016 pipp petals21670 sparky sparkeroni4077 sprout cloverleaf2587 sunny starscout22258 zipp storm17521 human250193 g578217 adorapipp3310 beard5805 belly45865 belly button112797 blue hair2053 blushing279021 bracelet16102 chubby17489 clothes644472 colored wings15194 cornrows404 crown30542 cute269072 cyan eyes501 dark skin8907 dragon tail361 dragon wings1240 dress63029 ear piercing45056 elf ears2699 facial hair10461 female1828431 fit1433 friendship bracelet931 glowing19865 glowing horn29533 green hair926 horn203411 horned humanization8149 human coloration7053 humanized120888 izzybetes2747 jacket20422 jewelry116069 jumpsuit5692 light skin6650 looking at each other35269 looking at someone17162 looking at you264622 male559243 mane five4324 mane six (g5)1078 mane stripe sunny7869 mistybetes1278 moderate dark skin1277 multiple characters243 pants22916 phone12677 piercing65593 pipp is chubby117 purple hair2214 regalia37335 roller skates1676 short hair3379 shorts19977 simple background608890 skates713 slender8815 smiling405668 smiling at each other2875 smiling at you26957 soccer shoes59 socks97206 stars23889 sunnybetes1922 tail106673 tan skin625 thin12568 two toned hair980 two toned wings6416 white background166397 wing ears458 winged humanization10203 wings229487


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