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flipped the hoof heart on the bottom right hoof in >>3348653 to be in the proper frog orientation
technically, it’s not in the correct position, but it’s close enough while still letting the heart shape remain obvious
[Yes, the official G5 models have their hoof hearts screwed on upside-down; the 2017 movie, on the other hoof, installed their frogs correctly]
P.S. this is my first time using the Affinity suite. My review from 15 minutes of using it is that I’m disoriented compared to GIMP and pirated Photoshop CS4 (yes, the one from 2009) but everything is better once I’ve learned where it is

safe2209909 artist:pabbley2803 edit176838 editor:🐴10 pinkie pie259679 earth pony520351 pony1640435 g42064694 argument in the comments109 dialogue96297 extra legs123 frog (hoof)20652 hoof heart2280 hoofbutt1898 hooves27183 literal fifth leg25 passepartout1622 pictures of hooves31 solo1455528 style comparison80 underhoof70648


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@Background Pony #8A6B
Golly… brain.exe has stopped working… u didn’t understan one thing from what people are trying to say here lol. Did u even understand the joke in pabbleys comic? I love what 398D wrote xd so fitting.
Background Pony #8A6B
The 2017 movie had hoof hearts installed properly.
You’re saying it as if hearts is something that horses are supposed to have on their hooves.
Hoof hearts were invented by this fandom.
The 2017 movie simply got inspired by lots of fan art, so they just followed the trend. :)
There’s no requirement for the position of such hearts, even if they are put on the bottom of hooves.
People in this comment thread seem to miss my point…
It’s all about the wording “the proper frog orientation” that makes it look like “fixing an error”, when in reality there’s no rule of how to put hearts on hooves, when there’s no such thing in real world.
And it certainly wasn’t a good enough reason to take the original work of art (from the original artist) and change that detail, making it seem as if the original artist made an error, when there’s no such thing!
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@Background Pony #8A6B
TIL flipping one hoof heart completely changes the meaning.
  1. Would kids really be that confused by things being upside-down? IIRC, dyslexia occurs when a child is unable to overcome their natural intuition that the same thing viewed form different orientations is, in fact, the same thing. There’s a reason b, d, p, & q are the ones that get confused. Wait, did some education consultant come in and insist that we need to start training kids that a heart and an upside-down heart are different to speed their journies toward literacy?
  2. The 2017 movie had hoof hearts installed properly.
Background Pony #8A6B
Excuse me… what? XD
Firstly, I wasn’t talking about what the artist did. I was talking about why it was done this way in G5 show by MLP G5 animators.
Secondly, it’s not an actual artist of the picture (see the source and tags). It’s a person who decided to edit the original picture, completely changing the vision of the original artist.
So… I could use your own words and direct them at you. :) “Sigh some comments, though…” No offense.
Background Pony #8A6B
[Yes, the official G5 models have their hoof hearts screwed on upside-down]
It is done on purpose! So that the heart looks right for kids, when ponies raise their hooves up.
Same thing is why the word “Ambulance” is mirrored on the fronts of the vehicles, so that drivers in their rear-view mirrors could read the properly written word.