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Hey, an actual animation! I experimented briefly with animation about four years ago but nothing came to fruition. I’m extremely happy with this given it’s basically my first one!
The idea for this animation was pretty heavily inspired by a specific screencap, which can be found here.
I created everything from scratch, but that picture more or less guided my way until I got to animating

safe2198492 artist:devfield131 coco pommel7350 earth pony515123 pony1628998 g42054361 made in manehattan807 absurd file size3488 absurd gif size496 animated127641 balcony1904 book44272 bookshelf5854 building3629 butt236043 city6674 cityscape1159 clothes645131 coco's apartment40 cocobetes859 complex background1068 curtains4143 cute269271 door5616 doorway678 eye shimmer1469 featured image1231 female1830114 flower40392 flower in hair12928 gif49553 hatbutt283 i can't believe it's not hasbro studios319 leaning5493 loop7610 manehattan1288 mare758636 night38493 perfect loop2270 plant3520 plot147326 rain8014 rainbow thread186 raised hoof71534 rear view23152 sad31660 sadorable1646 shadow7050 show accurate27168 solo1446159 thread1018 vase821 wind1702 window14539


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Gaining Confidence
Yes I’m fine I think, just the picture describes of feeling helplessness for me, gonna go through really rough life happenings
Everyone here is happy to help you if you need it!
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