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safe2199577 artist:petaltwinkle987 princess cadance40560 twilight sparkle361392 alicorn319870 pony1630107 unicorn550659 g42055738 blushing279577 crown30616 cute269448 cutedance1632 daaaaaaaaaaaw7129 duo179481 duo female33992 eyelashes27637 female1831380 filly99299 filly twilight sparkle3499 floppy ears74247 folded wings21036 gradient ears108 gradient horn395 gray background15306 heart78645 heart eyes30627 hnnng2765 horn204797 jewelry116376 long horn1735 long mane7912 long tail6043 looking at each other35344 looking at someone17261 multicolored mane5293 multicolored tail3701 one eye closed46673 pink coat1248 ponytail27997 purple coat1031 purple eyes6446 regalia37435 shiny mane911 shiny tail277 signature45727 simple background610122 smiling406550 smiling at each other2891 sparkles9582 sparkly mane1391 sparkly tail768 standing on back21 straight mane462 straight tail195 tail107267 teen princess cadance1164 teenager7774 thick horn20 tiara7222 tied mane415 twiabetes15542 unicorn horn1394 unicorn twilight34739 wall of tags6911 weapons-grade cute4724 wingding eyes41744 wings230142 wink33455 young cadance102 younger23222


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