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here he is… (shy)

safe2176455 artist:junniepiepoopop23 oc948612 oc only688907 oc:nightfall flare1 pony1604665 unicorn538871 big ears2260 blue coat1489 blue mane3791 blue tail1216 blue text212 butt fluff923 chest fluff65690 coat markings13596 colored belly281 colored eartips513 colored hooves12366 colored horn1649 colored pinnae873 curly mane1459 curly tail676 ear fluff50822 eye clipping through hair14753 eyeshadow30179 facial markings6215 fetlock tuft471 frown36182 glasses88850 glasses chain25 gray background14554 horn191564 lidded eyes48132 long horn1569 long mane7354 long mane male330 makeup40482 male551494 messy mane10926 messy tail648 pale belly3167 pubic fluff5065 raised hoof70060 reference sheet18795 short tail1877 simple background597411 snip (coat marking)432 socks (coat markings)8161 solo1427706 stallion195984 standing25117 tail101216 text89761 thick horn14 two toned mane6026 two toned tail3016 unicorn horn1060 unicorn oc31034 yellow eyes4011


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