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I hope you like this third part in the life of the gluttonous Lemon!

Lemon has just left the hot dog stand, very satisfied with the little feast she had given herself. The owner of the food stand was impressed and terrified by the enormous and round girl who devoured almost all his stock. Lemon left happily with her “last” hot dog of the day. She was about to meet with Indigo to have desserts near the park and she couldn’t arrive too full. Although probably, being full, Lemon would eat almost as much food as it would take to fill more than 10 people.
During the way the happy, obese girl was lost in thought eating the bacon-wrapped hot dog as her body wobbled from side to side. As she was eating, Lemon felt like having a drink and could not do otherwise but buy soda, but of course the biggest soda there could be.
The huge girl walked through the door of the small store, as she struggled to avoid getting stuck in the door frames. The owner was surprised to see that huge girl, although it was already a normal thing in that city. Lemon walked as she bumped into everything in the small corridors of the store, making everything shake in her path. She chose the largest soda she saw, paid, and left.
With both delights in her hand, Lemon closed her eyes and said to herself, “This is the true pleasure of street food… and I haven’t even met with Indigo yet”.

suggestive193555 artist:deathsoul 6630 lemon zest3718 human254849 equestria girls260612 g42066332 my little pony equestria girls: better together40420 absurd resolution68212 bbw5810 belly47615 big belly20421 big breasts129852 breasts401290 busty lemon zest401 canterlot city163 chubby cheeks5643 crystal prep academy1095 double chin2738 eating13942 eyes closed142672 fat29490 fat boobs1392 female1845838 food104003 hot dog537 huge belly8878 impossibly large belly15078 meat2791 morbidly obese10673 obese15728 ponytail28429 sausage615 ssbbw2413 thighs29477 thunder thighs17156 weight gain5783 wide hips31788


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