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suggestive193557 artist:tzc581 coloratura3599 human254850 g42066334 armpits47250 belly button114117 big breasts129854 bikini26533 bikini bottom2243 bikini top3306 blushing282216 breasts401292 busty coloratura331 cleavage47941 clothes651207 cute271361 female1845843 gradient background27522 hoodie21198 humanized121591 legs together2988 looking at you268529 one eye closed47099 rara1251 rarabetes237 shirt42410 smiling411607 smiling at you28145 solo1457138 solo female240003 swimsuit40358 wink33673


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@Icicle Niceicle 1517
@Background Pony #FD07
No, no, nope, sorry, that’s a 2015 event.
That’s already appeared in 2015 for the 2015-only event (if I’m quite remember), then it became a site addon shortly after that 2015 event due to popular demand. The addon did briefly featured in the site permanent as a toggle-able setting but got removed because of site’s performance issues.
So NOTHING new for this year’s event and besides, the site admin already said there’s NO event for this year, so move along.
I don’t even see any announcements nor teasers where the staffs or RoosterDragon (the author who continuing the addon) said “We’re bringing back Pixel Ponies that you can turn on/off via the settings!”, which that confuse me; you can still download, install and use this addon in this site from GitHub EVEN BEFORE this year’s very quiet event. The last update was March 19th, 2023.
Background Pony #FD07
Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a pixel sprite of Rara pony galloping across their screen?