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safe1681434 artist:capnpea561 edit129743 edited screencap63486 screencap219143 apple bloom48823 applejack167910 sweetie belle48534 earth pony239488 pony943540 unicorn312905 sisterhooves social643 animated97361 decapitated1757 decapitation411 eye contact6425 female1340633 filly65029 fimbriae283 hug27745 i must go68 looking at each other19518 mare468717 not salmon2346 open mouth140899 raised hoof44472 severed head1557 smiling241498 wat19098


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Background Pony #A557
It would've been funnier if blood came squirting off her head after it got chopped off.
Background Pony #E317
Applejack: "And that's what happens when you fuck with me!"
Sweetie: "…AAAGGGHHHH"
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The Anti-Normies
BS! when applejack swipes something whatever it was is delete from existence! in case she just deleted a part of something the rest fuse together in the missing part so Apple Bloom's head should be fused with her now neckless body.