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One day, Rainbow Dash tries to find something to wear, in order to encourage Neocros. As she finds him an outfit, Neocros is feeling down about the idea that he may need to do this, to ensure his survival in Equestria. Will the two finally engage? Or will Neocros crumble?

suggestive191843 artist:samuel-neocros39 rainbow dash281995 pegasus503918 pony1620226 semi-anthro22846 fanfic:rainbow's embrace1 g42046126 :37029 arm hooves17337 bed58580 blushing277479 chest fluff66763 clothes641612 colored pupils13318 cute268068 dashabetes12423 fanfic11409 fanfic art18753 fanfic cover1623 female1820501 floppy ears73693 hoof on chest1442 one eye closed46373 smiling403026 socks96774 solo1439110 thigh highs60673


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