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“Tonight, Twilight, I want you to call me ‘Mommy.’ Can you do that for me, pretty please?”
“Yes, Mommy- ooh, that’s so sexy to say. I like it!”
“So do I, baby. I… I really do love you.”
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suggestive192601 artist:thebrokencog1111 sci-twi31675 twilight sparkle361134 twilight velvet5575 human250414 equestria girls258772 g42053784 big breasts128302 breasts397393 breasts touching647 busty sci-twi1410 busty twilight sparkle16672 busty twilight velvet1168 clothes644843 cog's kisses160 cog's scitwivelvet11 commission120214 couple7984 drool35303 drool on face255 drool string8275 duo178708 duo female33757 eyes closed141167 eyeshadow31182 female1829354 females only17092 french kiss3836 garter belt12597 glasses90339 hotel288 hotel room293 humanized120936 imminent sex11054 in love496 incest18199 kissing33064 lesbian119120 lidded eyes49387 lingerie14242 makeup41745 milf13552 mother and child6406 mother and daughter8644 romance1231 romantic2574 sexy46832 ship:velvet sparkle324 shipping257531 sloppy kissing1785 socks97243 thigh highs61208 thighs29030 twicest1832


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