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Made myself an art challenge to wait for something soon, so this is day 1: my favorite mane 6 pony who also happens to be my favorite pony overall, Pinkie Pie!
Comms open on my profile~

safe2171649 artist:bubblegooey43 pinkie pie255462 earth pony445108 pony1599766 g42026448 :d1856 art challenge62 blurry background2358 blushing273469 cute265401 diapinkes12587 ear fluff50469 female1799659 fluffy19537 front view1827 happy44437 heart76144 heart eyes29614 high res407634 hoof fluff3253 leg fluff5071 looking at you258660 mare739094 neck fluff1492 open mouth236922 open smile30992 pink coat970 pink mane2738 pink tail1128 raised hoof69692 raised leg11836 smiling396483 smiling at you25102 solo1423850 standing on two hooves1657 sugarcube corner3157 tail100038 walking7494 walking towards you57 wingding eyes40145


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Gooey Slime Pony
Going back to my hometown for a week :D It’ll be fun! It’s pretty far away so I might not be able to post art for a while though, so consider this a treat before I leave ;D
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NLR Enthusiast
Something soon? Something you will share here?
Can’t wait to see the rest, what a lovely Ponka! Incredible art style, specially her eyes are mesmerizing! (^ν^)