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By midday Rainbow Dash was feeling more or less alive in my Equestria dreamscape, and she had recovered from the worst of the previous evenings drinking. All the while Fluttershy’s obsessively chattered on about her animals; usually this made RD’s eye glaze over, but for some reason today she was perfectly happy to let her friend go and go about the various dramas involving her animals.
However something was bothering Rainbow Dash. She didn’t know what it was but she found herself staring constantly at Fluttershy especially when her friend was preoccupied. But she found it particularly hard to make eye contact with her. What was going? She thought. Why am I suddenly infatuated with looking at her and yet having such hard time just looking at her in the eyes? I’ve known Fluttershy for years and yet now I’m acting like, like…
Well, Dash wasn’t quite certain what she was acting like? She knew she’d felt something like this before but she couldn’t nail down what was making her feel like this? Especially in relation to her old friend from Cloudsdale, but today Dash was torn between this feeling of wanting to spend the entire day with her and this desire to bolt right out there as fast as she could!
After a picnic lunch out on the front lawn Fluttershy decided to use the tavern’s cart to run over to Sweet Apple Acres and pick up some hay before she returned it tomorrow. Initial RD volunteered to pull it but then realized she had absolutely no experience pulling a ground cart but she agreed accompany the chiffon-yellow mare on her errand. It was a quick trip even allowing for Fluttershy’s rather leisurely pace, and the cart was not that large so it took very little time for AJ to fill the cart with a fresh load of hay.
Fluttershy was playing with Winona around the barnyard. This involved one or the other chasing each other around in a merry fashion.Applebloom and Stone Mane had apparently gone into town to run an errand. Applejack was busy coiling some rope when Dash flew down and landed next to her.
“Hey Applejack, do you notice anything odd about Fluttershy today?” asked prismatic mane mare as her eyes followed Fluttershy around one of the corrals.
AJ finished her chore and looked up and watched their friend play with the family dog. After a few moments the yellow-orange mare pushed back her signature Stetson and shrugged. “Fraid I don’t see anything odd about her sugar cube. What do ya mean when ya say odd?”
RD scowled. “That’s it AJ. I don’t know but, something seems different about Fluttershy all the sudden and I can’t put my hoof on it!”
“Well she doesn’t appear ta be under the weather or injured.” Said AJ “Haven’t seen her in couple days, when did ya first notice her being odd?
“Well, um, uh I guess this morning.” Replied the weather mare. “Look! Just forget it okay! I guess it’s just my imagination alright!” For some reason Dash was suddenly feeling very cross.
Applejack eyed friend. “Okay if ya that’s what ya want.” The farm pony looked up at the late afternoon sky. “Ya know the weather schedule said there would be some hefty rain in about an hour or so. If ya and Fluttershy want get back ta her place before it starts ya better head out now.”
Dash flew a few feet above and behind the cart as they made their way back to Fluttershy’s cottage. In the back of Dash’s mind she could sense the local weather teams were successfully assembling the upcoming rain clouds. This was good. Because if they weren’t then that might she have to go and help them, and Dash hating having to work on her days off. However today most of her attention was focused on the dirt road and her friend pulling the cart.
When it came to flight magic Fluttershy was not blessed with the great strength. In fact Fluttershy had just enough flight magic to allow her safe flight and that was about it. However she did have decent muscle strength, Dash figured that was due to Fluttershy walking almost as much as an earth pony or unicorn that attributed to keep her being in good shape.
This was very evident as Dash watched her pull the cart. Dash could see her taut muscles moving under her pale yellow coat as she trotted along humming some tune that Dash didn’t recognize. Dash’s was particularly fascinated with how Fluttershy’s muscles made the butterflies of her cutie mark flex and move. Dash then realized she’d been staring at her friends butt for about the last thirty seconds.
Gah! Thought RD. What is wrong with me! Why am I acting like this all the sudden?
Much to Dash’s relief the journey back to the cottage didn’t take much longer, and that was a good thing because as they rolled up to Fluttershy’s cottage the scheduled showers began falling. Fluttershy unhitched herself from the cart and then asked her friend to push it into a small shed located behind her cottage. Fluttershy wanted to quickly confirm that all her chickens were safe and dry inside the coop. After a bit of grumbling and trial and error Dash got the cart in out the weather.
Having completed this task Dash went looking for her friend. As she rounded corner she stopped in her tracks at the sight in front of her. The cottage was directly under a large, dark, angry raincloud, but to the West the sky was still clear and Celestia’s great orb still shone as it descended toward the horizon. Its light transformed the falling rain into a current of shimmering white gold. Fluttershy was reared up with her hind legs spread apart, her front legs were resting on one of the poles for her clothesline. She flipped her head and let the cool rain run over it. She was standing in profile to Dash with her wing outstretched and with the light behind her it made body shimmer and glisten like some polished statue. Dash just stood there and admired every sleek curve on her friend’s body.
Suddenly Dash understood these feeling she was having and where she’d felt them before. She always felt like this when she watched Petina and Carousel danced at the Bucking Mare. It was a craving, a hunger, like a moth drawn to flame she always found herself unable to look away as her eyes devoured the sight before. For first time in her life a new thought popped into Rainbow Dash’s mind.
My friend is hot!
To be continued.

safe2190722 artist:baron engel2721 fluttershy260413 rainbow dash282048 winona2826 dog13660 pegasus504124 pony1620726 semi-anthro22858 g42046925 bipedal50099 bipedal leaning2805 butt234596 female1821097 implied flutterdash291 implied lesbian4800 implied shipping7285 leaning5465 mare753051 monochrome175965 pencil drawing11419 plot146474 shower4734 story included13210 traditional art144117


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