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Fluffle Puff Tales: “Special Someponies” is published on YouTube 10 years ago today.
Fluffle Puff series

safe2174324 artist:mixermike6221627 part of a set23669 queen chrysalis42164 oc947519 oc:fluffle puff3179 changeling65898 changeling queen23880 original species36491 pony1602464 g42028876 20141629 absurd file size3387 animated126015 artifact1732 bed57780 behaving like a cat3082 bell6766 boop9318 bouncing6265 brony history345 brushie649 candle7014 canon x oc35119 card3406 cat toy52 chewing760 clapping813 crying55471 cup9041 cute265744 cutealis2380 drool34647 duo169922 duo female30935 eating13391 face licking400 facehug37 female1802665 flower39480 fluffle cat12 fluffle puff tales21 fluffle puffing46 flufflebetes299 food101291 golden oaks library6998 happy valentines day76 heart76352 holiday35243 lesbian117646 licking27712 link in description1182 lipstick16707 lying down46719 makeup40370 mare741022 massage1431 mouth hold23755 nom3548 nose wrinkle3905 nostalgia780 ocbetes8972 old video130 part of a series4119 pattycakes37 pillow25512 playing1970 poker446 prone35202 purring280 sandwich2581 scrunchy face8242 ship:chrysipuff524 shipping254147 show accurate26796 smiling397415 sound17006 swatting53 taco1530 tea3692 teacup4038 tongue out147153 toy25420 valentine1639 valentine's day5262 video1758 wall of tags6643 webm25825 wet11663 youtube3169 youtube link12769 youtube video638


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To quote post-S9 Applejack: “Did you miss this? I missed this.” Adorably comfy. Nice to see Chrysalis is finally warming up after a decade of softening.