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suggestive190647 artist:rejy151 queen chrysalis42154 changeling65884 changeling queen23874 anthro359535 g42027569 3d122579 adorasexy12741 animated125952 bed57759 bedroom16846 bedroom eyes82111 breasts390816 busty queen chrysalis5293 candle7011 clothes634136 cute265637 cutealis2380 eyeshadow30061 female1801934 flattered55 hearts and hooves day2912 holiday35240 looking at you259124 love6731 makeup40327 nudity512380 offscreen character52263 partial nudity29421 pov20070 realization337 sexy45977 shocked10120 shy6301 sound17000 source filmmaker67807 stupid sexy chrysalis1033 talking10787 talking to viewer5902 topless17103 valentine's day5262 voice acting1403 webm25816 wholesome1441 window14004


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Pixel Perfection - I still call her Lightning Bolt
Artist -

Reginald Jollybellend
I was expecting a plot-twist where she IS genuinely pleased, but then looks down and is shocked that her boobs are bigger
Posted Report
Background Pony #BEC9
On the one hand, really a sweet idea. On the other, she is naked on a bed right now.
Background Pony #AE08
It’s a shame that hair is so time-consuming to animate.
The animation of her mouth to her voice, on the other hand, was incredible!
Background Pony #9CA9
Although her behavior looks pretty cute, I join the opinion of the person below. Her behavior shows how much she underestimates herself, since the appearance of someone who loves her for her surprises her so much.
Pixel Perfection - Hot Pockets Spotted

Exodus's lost flock
I knew where this was going from the moment she said “transform into someone you love” but i was still absolutely not disappointed.
The long and abrupt pause shows how taken aback she is that she herself could ever be what someone loves is adorable and probably made her heart swell.