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Radiant Hope was Sombra’s best friend growing up. They did everything together, and it was even him that helped Hope gain her cutie mark. But after King Sombra rose to power and was then defeated by the two sisters, Radiant Hope was alone. She spent time under the princess’ but ultimately returned to the frozen north, after Sombra. There was where she met the umbrum, Sombra’s kind.
Radiant Hope was there for centuries. Something about the umbrum, or the place they were trapped in, prevented her from aging. Maybe time just moved slower when she was there. Either way, they gave her a blessing. She would be able to be there for Sombra’s return, and she would be able to make things right. She would be there to show the ponies the umbrum weren’t evil, and to finally show Sombra that he was good.
She could show Equestria that the umbrum were just as worthy of love as anypony else.

Man, I REALLY need to get in the habit of posting not huge pieces, cause damn does writing and making those things take a long time. Then again, I like telling my stories in order and I know the big pieces are the most important. Anyways, I got on a binge of reading more of the MLP comics (I can’t believe it took me this long to learn that they actually reformed Sombra in the comics??) and really thinking about figureverse again. I absolutely love the obscure characters in MLP, which I give the spotlight in figureverse (and hope to do so more in the future). ANYWAYS, brewing some more story behind the scenes, and felt compelled to draw this in correlation.
After all that time Radiant Hope spent with the umbrum, it’s not a stretch that she would have fallen in love at one point. Especially with Rabia. (Side note, that is Rabia with Hope, and the cute form the umbrum take are small, she’s not a child or anything. Side Side note, I also did a small redesign of Hope ^^)


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