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safe1656168 artist:xioade395 derpy hooves49328 mare do well965 rainbow dash228239 twilight sparkle293859 oc653634 oc:anon11376 oc:fausticorn1521 oc:tracy cage335 alicorn214716 pony920557 /mlp/9332 44441 4chan6601 4chan cup403 >444411 >rape261 best pony1302 celebrating21 celebration239 dead space327 female1319444 football1505 happy29890 imageboard99 isaac clarke44 lauren faust1727 lyra plushie261 mare457208 piggyback ride388 plushie23236 quadsuit147 rig (dead space)48 safest hooves83 smiling234463 the burdened61 trophy704 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120931


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Background Pony #6164
4chan's Spring Babby Cup 2013. /mlp/ beat /tv/ in the finals with a complete shut out. A poster on /mlp/ claimed they'd easily win, got 4444 quads, and /mlp/ won 4 to 0.