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In the world of TYT, Posey’s suffering never ends.

safe2212135 screencap298926 elderberry blossom241 jazz hooves1946 posey bloom1866 rocky riff911 earth pony521208 pegasus513850 pony1642257 unicorn556578 g579789 jazz hearts rocky487 my little pony: tell your tale26668 spoiler:g533448 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale23687 spoiler:tyts02e04483 angry37349 animated128552 blushing282323 cute271444 distracted194 female1846353 gif50112 jazzibetes239 makeup42704 male565516 mare768526 posey bloom is not amused153 posey can't catch a break264 powder puff13 stallion202365 starry eyes6055 unamused24664 wingding eyes42199


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Rice pone
C’mon, ‘Poseybuse’ and you guys talk about how good Jazz’s song was.
It was a very good song, I think I’m going to download it, but still.
Background Pony #6171
this cartoon is amazing. they can make up so hard turn into cotton candy.
Background Pony #0592
You think after suffering so much misfortune, Posey should just move out of Maretime Bay forever?