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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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safe2198831 artist:darkdoubloon101 apple bloom60581 pinkie pie258545 scootaloo59238 sweetie belle57245 earth pony515276 pegasus507961 pony1629331 unicorn550287 g42055075 adorabloom3941 batter330 bow45663 bowl2446 christmas21172 christmas sweater261 christmas tree6466 clothes645263 cute269339 cutealoo3986 cutie mark crusaders22606 diapinkes12758 diasweetes3782 female1830460 filly99267 foal46339 food103086 gingerbread (food)140 hair bow26229 hat126569 hearth's warming1231 holiday35435 implied rarity1612 implied twilight sparkle2747 mare758846 mixer108 open mouth242911 salt shaker100 santa hat8462 smiling406262 snow19856 sweater19851 tongue out149851 tree50576 winter6413


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