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Fallen Oak charity art pack - Nuclear Neighs and Deco Days

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Scoots is going to go fly!
A remake of this but with the above would be how scoot would probably react in character.
Art by LiaAqila

safe2198839 artist:liaaqila1435 apple bloom60581 scootaloo59238 sweetie belle57245 earth pony515277 pegasus507966 pony1629333 unicorn550288 g42055077 adorabloom3941 apple bloom's bow3498 blank flank10104 bow45663 butt236084 chest fluff67312 cute269340 cutealoo3986 cutie mark crusaders22606 diasweetes3782 ear fluff52355 eye clipping through hair15446 eyes closed141246 female1830464 filly99267 foal46339 glowing19918 glowing horn29566 hair bow26229 horn204381 magic98013 magic aura9303 open mouth242911 open smile33447 party cannon2087 plot147344 pony cannonball353 raised hoof71557 simple background609767 smiling406263 teeth22828 traditional art144722 trio27457 trio female6012 underhoof70122 white background166653


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Background Pony #E1D3
I thought that it worked the first time, so she’s willing now to give it a shot.