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they’re like in a fun-house mirror thing or something!

safe2198492 artist:myra18 apple bloom60581 scootaloo59240 sweetie belle57241 earth pony515123 pegasus507806 pony1628998 unicorn550130 g42054360 angry37069 apple blob174 bipedal50340 black and white17822 butt236043 cute269271 cutie mark crusaders22613 distorted53 distortion91 fat29307 female1830113 filly99251 foal46321 funny5562 grayscale49902 madorable1112 magic mirror611 mirror7513 monochrome176535 offscreen character53456 plot147326 reflection4781 silly8989 simple background609604 speech bubble40891 sweat41493 sweatdrops2145 white background166595


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