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Day 25: Still Waiting
Waiting for Santa, day 340. Late Riser has not slept in his own bed for nearly a year and his parents are getting worried. So much wasted cookies and milk.
Merry Christmas, and happy holidays everybody! Time once again for FM Holidays Advent Calendar.

safe2155070 anonymous artist4836 big macintosh33311 fluttershy256153 oc936701 oc:late riser118 earth pony438186 pegasus488254 pony1583060 series:fm holidays343 series:hearth's warming advent calendar 202330 g42007482 advent calendar479 baby16396 baby pony9264 calendar774 christmas20984 christmas stocking1107 christmas wreath568 clothes625878 colt20337 cookie4987 emanata2563 female1781907 fireplace3922 foal42935 food100018 hat122731 hearth's warming doll61 high res406220 holiday34834 lineless5486 male543349 mare728737 milk6612 music notes4632 offspring49854 pajamas4112 parent:big macintosh4181 parent:fluttershy6463 parents:fluttermac1868 plewds278 plushie30711 pointy ponies3997 santa hat8380 ship:fluttermac3949 shipping251334 stallion191840 straight176731 worried5586 wreath1400


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