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Team Dazzula
This was a fun series to put out ^^.
Essentially just a (slapped together) combination of the three pieces I did back in May, where I drew The Dazzlings from ‘Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks’, portrayed as Team Azula from ‘Avater: The Last Airbender’.
They turned out pretty swell I thought, and I quite enjoyed the discussion they spawned!
I like when I can analyze fresh media I ingest, and by extension characters thereof, in relation to my personal favorite franchises/characters. In a way, it kinda helps me to understand and appreciate such things all the more, y’know?
You can find the individual members below…
Adagio Dazzle as Azula: >>3138071
Aria Blaze as Mai: >>3130764
Sonata Dusk as Ty Lee: >>3134585
Which of the 3 was YOUR favorite??
Would you like to see more Equestria Girls (and crossovers)? Go ahead and drop a Watch!
If you’d like to commission me something in particular, go ahead and send me a Note ^^.

safe2172217 artist:lennondash148 part of a set23599 adagio dazzle16013 aria blaze12130 sonata dusk16396 human244961 equestria girls255605 g42026958 avatar the last airbender609 azula72 belly button110408 blade457 breasts390433 clothes633507 clothes swap2236 crossover73063 female1800383 frame577 frown36094 gradient background25035 high res407690 lidded eyes47925 looking at you258861 mai31 midriff24322 open mouth237118 red background1894 smiling396769 the dazzlings5756 trio26043 ty lee29 wristband5294


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