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July 11, 2023 at 3:49:17 AM UTC
Misty’s Graduation [NATG XIII - D30]
This year it was more difficult to participate, I was really busy but I managed to do it, an apology for the strange drawings that you saw lol, I loved having participated another year, thanks for having made this event one more year.
Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony making their dreams come true.
#mlp #unicorn #mlpg5 #mistybrightdawn #natg2023

safe2115877 artist:darksly651 misty brightdawn6535 pony1476996 unicorn511726 g565623 atg 2023764 blushing261401 curtains3780 cute256753 eyebrows21477 female1737607 freckles41406 graduation243 graduation cap393 happy42636 hat119293 high res103157 horn139354 mare701836 mistybetes786 newbie artist training grounds8308 open mouth224785 open smile26163 raised hoof66531 sitting88192 smiling376045 solo1380151 stage4146 unshorn fetlocks43106


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Background Pony #9A91
Misty graduated from Sparkle School at the end of the TYT episode of the same name.