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Professor: Well well well! If it ain’t the former ambassador of Friendship! It’s good to see you in your mature legendary form after so many years, Your Lordship
I have—SO many questions to ask about what had happened to you during the Great Split, but—I am afraid we need to make this meeting party quick
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safe2198394 screencap297849 blaize skysong286 hitch trailblazer14274 spike93039 sunny starscout22294 tumble (g5)139 zipp storm17543 dragon87094 earth pony515064 pony1628834 g578346 my little pony: make your mark11215 my little pony: make your mark chapter 61730 the isle of scaly425 spoiler:g533233 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark7763 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark chapter 61688 spoiler:mymc06e01421 animated127634 burp2930 detective zipp153 dragon lord spike251 dragonfire354 female1829983 fire16079 green fire437 horn204121 male559735 mane stripe sunny7884 mare758531 older41021 older spike9269 sleepy2301 sound17362 stallion199764 surprised12986 the isle of scaly (location)415 webm26503 yawn1866


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Background Pony #96D9
It be nice if the Gen 4 oners appear.
It rock if a certain Wonderbolt return. Something to do with some heroic resurrection similar to Aslan and Gandalf. And the same with Flurtershy. And some others.
Background Pony #96D9
Spike’s return was grand. And nice he’s zero pompous.
Sunny’s reaction got me.