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An anon suggested Trixie getting indigestion from her first meal on the Rock Farm, and I couldn’t help myself but include a cute interaction with Marble. It’s great when somepony cares for you

suggestive185583 artist:apony-in-lavash13 derpibooru exclusive38849 marble pie8031 trixie78133 earth pony424177 pony1548947 unicorn513358 g41934434 abdominal bulge9355 belly41179 belly button105700 bellyrubs1333 big belly18913 bloated625 blushing261963 comforting1600 comic132292 duo156888 female1746317 food baby246 hoof on belly508 inconvenient trixie379 indigestion14 lesbian114825 lithophage18 mare708078 not pregnant88 object vore151 offscreen character49606 pica136 reality ensues504 regret350 scrunchy face8140 ship:marbixie14 shipping246093 speech bubble36868 stomach ache94 stomach noise4913 stuffed belly749 text85590 this will end in diarrhea60 tummy ache47 underhoof66687


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Background Pony #BD54
This bellyrub session will totally not make Trixie grow fond of Marble and make her eat more rocks for more rubs, nope.