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safe2118493 alternate version81391 artist:hysteriana92 oc917215 oc only666931 oc:evening lake53 pony1479629 unicorn512712 amber eyes243 apple20590 blank flank9581 blue mane3302 bow42608 chest fluff61820 choker20145 collar46044 cute257241 digital art28425 ear fluff47507 eyebrows21645 female1740014 floppy ears70358 food97299 full body7293 hair bow24290 hooves24935 horn139814 levitation15731 light skin5899 long tail4515 looking up23020 magic93762 magic aura8459 orange eyes1098 patch565 pink background5844 ponytail25661 signature41489 simple background569423 smiling376988 solo1382186 spots1042 spotted156 tail89166 telekinesis37816 unshorn fetlocks43194


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Floating apple is a nice touch to the small bean. She has lovely markings on the back and hind legs. Somehow she got more mane and tail then body.