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24 versions of humanized Rarity
Which is your favourite?
Can you recognize their artists before looking at the linked images?
Any picture you wanted to see in this collage?

>>10995 >>203829 >>74576 >>208573 >>866 >>115284
>>48245 >>7821 >>9961 >>153457 >>87272 >>313328
>>58820 >>24020 >>986 >>12572 >>183150 >>9301
>>223533 >>52707 >>56950 >>141378 >>2242 >>315110

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Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie?
Any picture to suggest? Safe or suggestive, humanized only.
suggestive139725 artist:corrico16 artist:derpiihooves169 artist:fantazyme51 artist:glancojusticar275 artist:gomigomipomi136 artist:hua153 artist:irving-zero19 artist:jakneurotic79 artist:jaynaylor24 artist:johnjoseco4434 artist:kevinsano edits1013 artist:kreoss17 artist:majoh17 artist:mrw32268 artist:ninjaham562 artist:orihichan3 artist:php1110 artist:ric-m111 artist:semehammer100 artist:spittfireart322 artist:suikuzu181 artist:sundown1528 artist:thelivingmachine02226 artist:x-arielle44 artist:yanabau39 artist:zoe-productions120 edit129592 rarity179338 human151876 back1001 beatnik rarity587 beautiful5431 bedroom eyes58092 belly button75685 belt5294 beret1919 big breasts79632 bindi68 breasts270229 bust48068 busty rarity12443 cafe537 choker11530 cleavage33746 clothes449643 cocktail glass107 collage1336 colored19111 comb595 cropped48509 curvy6484 dark4475 detailed762 diamond751 dress43553 drink4734 ear piercing25270 earring20430 evening gloves8155 eyeshadow15088 fainting couch913 fan811 female1338321 femdom7935 fingerless gloves4475 food68362 glass4540 glasses60321 gloves19467 grin37178 hair chain11 hat84546 high heels10808 horned humanization6658 human ponidox3445 humanized98832 jewelry61002 juliette d'rarie171 long gloves5542 looking at you163536 looking back55609 makeup20713 measuring tape1050 midriff19053 mirror5136 moon23066 multi-artist collage20 my little sweetheart194 nail polish7553 necklace18068 needle690 night25679 no more ponies at source270 nose piercing2631 on side6611 panties49346 pantyhose3373 piercing39804 purse547 rain5980 rarity's glasses571 rope11208 rosalyn montgomery29 sandals4172 seductive2100 see-through5100 self ponidox7880 sexy28501 shoes35205 side slit1353 sitting61548 skinny1865 skirt38884 skirt suit149 smiling240938 socks64798 solo1045244 solo female177009 starswirl academy161 stockings31837 suit5707 sweat25603 sweater14228 table8988 tea3010 tea party573 thigh highs35040 towel3591 tube skirt240 underbust27 underbust vest2 underwear59676 vest3808 vulgar20376 wall745 wet7855 wet clothes605 wet mane5118 wet mane rarity815 wet shirt331 wide hips16422 window8274 wine glass1433 winter4434


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Background Pony #EB62
@Background Pony

Maybe it's because people have different opinions on ideal beauty, so they will humanize Rarity, who is the most beautiful of the Mane 6, according to those opinions.
Background Pony #E3B7
I've always felt like Rarity's the hardest of the Mane Six to humanize right. At least, there are the fewest humanizations of her that I like personally (although Rainbow Dash is not very far behind in that contest). There are still a few I appreciate in here, though.

Perfection, I guess, is difficult to reimagine. Heh.

moritoakira makes her look like rachael mcadams. I hate rachael mcadams. Livingmachine and suikuzu are probably my favorites.
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I've never noticed this drawing before making this collage. It's really beautiful and I'm puzzled because it has a relatively low score.
Rarity is usually humanized as a young woman in her late 20s, sexy and sophisticated, and it usually works very well. But in that picture she looks more like 16-18 years old, virginal and delicate and beautiful nonetheless.

I'm happy to bring that up again with this collage.

@Dumb Rock
I've picked the wrong one!!! >_<
Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!
This was the one I intended to use: >>1989
Dumb Rock
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Eh, now that I noticed, JJ's Rarity pic is an edit, you should have used the original. Or a pic more representative of his artstyle (that one was coloured by kevinsano)