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I chuckled and sobbed at once.


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And see I totally get your point, agree with it in fact but it's a spin-off, it's been cited as such many times, it will not effect season 4 in anyway as far as I know. I see why people are upset, what I don't see is why people are upset to the extent where they wanna break down and cry claiming that the show's been ruined.

It looks like it's mostly aimed towards little kids rather than the older fanbase anyway. Let's not forget while FiM was generally aimed towards families, MLP is and always will be a children's toy line. the fact that a lot of older people started to enjoy it is an extra for them. Besides Hasbro is it's own company, yes they've made some stupid moves in the past but it's their own choice what to do with a franchise they own.

Anyhow, at this point it's coming, we all know it is so getting angry about it is pointless, who knows maybe it'll surprise people. Basing an opinion of it from artwork and one trailer is very close-minded, what's the music gonna be like? How about the story? And the voice acting? How about the new characters? We don't know, just like many people didn't know when they got into FiM in the first place.

Again, yes it's ok to be upset at this, I can see why people are but firstly, don't hate on people who do wanna see it, I've been seeing that a lot and secondly, people gave ponies a chance not knowing what to expect, why should this or anything else for that matter be different. Worst case scenario, you don't like it, that's it. Anyone overreacting about this is being kinda childish. There are much worser things in the world than this.

And the moral of the story is, don't let me near a computer after just waking up :3
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At this moment, I realize that every single comment section on this website is going to be exactly the same and just as pointless……I need a vacation, dammit.