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The picture for the acrylic stand that I made for Brony MeetUp SPb| Nightmare Night!

safe2151227 artist:sugarstar319 applejack198578 fluttershy255736 pinkie pie253305 rainbow dash276922 rarity215595 twilight sparkle354271 bat pony73531 earth pony436510 pegasus486594 pony1579052 unicorn527356 g42004377 evil3833 fangs39098 female1777611 lantern2698 looking up23548 mane six37282 scared14099


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Background Pony #3704
Maybe Flutters hypnotized her friends into liking and accepting the bats, but then they liked the bats so much that they became bats.
Background Pony #3704
A beautiful looking picture, and a funny inversion of what happened in the episode Bats!